PrintoCent Design Competition 2017

The third PrintoCent Design Competition calls on open-minded designers to be bold and inventive, think differently and challenge themselves with smart LEDs and flexible printed electronics. There are no limitations on how many works can be sent into the competition by one person or a team. The competition opens at 28.2.2017.





I - Integrate illumination into new businesses


The brief in the first category is to ideate new use cases for flexible printed electronics with illumination. Smart LED foils can be considered as a large area modifiable displays of information, ambience, safety, decoration etc. elements and they can be integrated into many materials like glass, injection moulded plastics, fabrics and textiles.


In this category we encourage you to expand the thinking of the lighting as we’ve used to seen it much further. Imagine a world where illumination is where ever you need it and beyond generating public spaces more entertaining and inspiring. These new technologies can transform our surrounding environments more satisfying and personal by giving the information and visual appearance to be tailored into our own needs and tastes. To give you more freedom and possibilities for your ideation work, the flexible LED films can be also processed in thermoplastic over-molding / injection molding creating more robust and solid structures not to be limited only to use laminated flat surfaces and materials. The RGB display element integrated into large windshield for busses (collaboration of Flexbright and Pilkington) can be inspirational example of the variety of materials like glass and the high quality for the other fields like architecture and environmental planning.


Design of the tomorrow’s illumination is based on flexible LED films for use in any use cases you wish. It can be a retail environment or restaurant, it can be large area covering walls and windows or it can be something more personal, the main value is to bring something new by illuminating it new bold and fresh way. Adaptability and varying use case scenarios make these solutions also more favored by the jury.


Start thinking of new era of illumination which surrounds us every where.


II - Future lamp


In the second category we are looking for lighting concepts with a future twist as well within aesthetically inspiring design. PrintoCent is especially looking into the innovative utilization of flexible LED-film elements. However, we value fresh and smart ideas that cannot be only adapted for many use cases but are also scalable for larger manufacturing. Flat packing or other practical features like easy setup by the end user are issues that can be seen as a bonus for your design work. As a result, the submitted idea will be industrially feasible and scalable for international markets.


You might also be motivated by the concepts seen in the first PrintoCent Design Competition. The RGB display element integrated into windshield (collaboration of Flexbright and Pilkington) can be inspirational also in this category. Production technologies such as injection moulding (over moulding) or lamination of the LED films are well worthwhile considering. Total number of RGB LEDs is not limited and the control unit in the designs is regarded as a black box with interfaces to the LED lighting and with an optional wireless remote controller.


Naturally, easy applicability for numerous varying use cases is always a bonus, so do bear in mind the different use scenarios - from carry-on to fixed & for households, indoors or outdoors - basically it can be used in any purpose you want.



TOP 3 finalists are


Veli Kouri



Brigitte Lanz



Yi-Chiao Tien

White Mango Light





Competition launch 28.2.2017


Final day for your proposals 27.3.2017

Send your idea as a sketch, a short description and your contact information to us by email:


Finalists are announced 30.3.2017

Top 5 finalists in both categories will be announced on the same date.


Finalized works are to be sent 2.5.2017

Selected finalists develop and fine tune their ideas further. Mentoring – face to face or Skype - is offered during the process to create more industrially scalable and technically feasible results.


Winners are awarded 4.5.2017

The Grand Winner and other awards will be announced on May 4th 2017 in the award ceremony in Oulu and the winner in each category will receive 1 500 euros.

More information



The official rules for the second PrintoCent Design Competition can be found from this link.




This link offers supporting documents to stimulate your ideas from this link.




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