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Elcoflex is a specialized supplier of custom specific electromechanical components for various industries. Display and backlight solutions. Graphic overlays. Membrane switches. Printed electronics. Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC).

Juho Paavola


Nanocomp focuses on the manufacturing of micro- and nanophotonics products for consumer electronics, laser sensing and special lighting sectors. The production is based on roll to roll process, which is the most cost and time efficient means for mass production of film optics.

Samuli Siitonen
+358 40 550 2766


Flexbright is a high-tech company manufacturing flexible LED-lighting solutions. We commercialize hybrid component assembly technology developed by VTT. This patented LEDFOIL technology can be used in various industries from automotive to aerospace, general lighting to greenhousing and many more. The technology is based on printed electronics and R2R process which enables cost effective high volume production. The benefits of LEDFOILS are high illuminating power with IoT capabilities, low energy consumption and ultra thin flexible structure with thickness of 0,1 mm.

Pekka Makkonen
+358 50 5239481


Ginolis is a global provider of high quality automation, dispensing and quality control solutions for the medical device and diagnostics industries. From standard products to fully customised systems, Ginolis offers a wide range of solutions based on its modular automation platforms. The company is committed to revolutionizing the healthcare consumables industry with its innovative approach to automation.

Markku Känsäkoski
+358 40 545 0903


FocalSpec designs and builds Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) systems for submicron level accurate measurements on any material. Their optical 3D sensors and metrology systems are used globally in R&D, manufacturing and quality control. FocalSpec is an enabler, helping its clients in different manufacturing industries to strive for perfection.

Sanna Rantanen
+358 400 214 012


Medical disposables, user interfaces, panels, stickers and special wellness products. Manufacturability and development services for medical products.

Antti Tauriainen


Production lines and licenses for thermal nanopatterning , light Scattering films and sheets to packaging manufacturers and brand owners, production capacity to printing houses and brand owners to make light scattering effect on printed or non-printed packages with their materials.

Raimo Korhonen


Inkron is a developer and manufacturer of next generation materials for the Printed electronics, LED, lighting, display, optical, semiconductor and energy storage industries. Our novel and cost effective manufacturing process for nanomaterials, with advanced siloxane polymer chemistry enables the development of a wide range of customized material properties with superior performance advantages in high-tech applications.

Jarkko Heikkinen

New Cable Corporation

New Cable Corporation is a Finnish (Oulu) based start-up company, founded in February 2016, but with over 30 years of experience in cables. Company is focusing on design and manufacturing of shielded flat flexible cables (SFFC) for advanced industrial customers. Shielding provides superior signal integrity and protection from RF interference. With our shielded flat flexible cables you can save two essential resources: weight and space.

Tommi Rintala
+358 50 525 7616

RISE - Printed Electronics Arena

Printed Electronics Arena (PEA) cooperates with industry and entrepreneurs to develop business opportunities within Printed Electronics. Our pilot-plant, PEA Manufacturing, is the heart of PEA and also the major test environment for the production of Printed Electronics in Sweden. At PEA-M we develop prototypes and carry out small scale production with the purpose to bridge the gap between research and the volume manufacturing of new products. Expertise is available in areas such as graphic design, physics, chemistry, machine operation and project management.

Tommy Höglund
+46 722 45 46 74


Neficon offers design service for printed and conventional electronics. Our latest projects include BLE based IoT device, LED display, signage and lighting applications, Qi wireless charging and test systems for production testing.

Turo Piila


Novel BioMensio biosensors enable rapid on-site detection of multiple analytes from small samples. BioMensio mass-sensitive micro-array (MSMA) platform is particularly well suited for field applications due to the ability to detect multiple analytes simultaneously. Patented non-labelled BioMensio technology is robust, suitable for mass-production and will revolutionize multiplexed on-site detection.

Sanna Auer
+358 44 976 8629


For more than 40 years Coatema Coating Machinery has delivered machinery and know-how to meet the most challenging needs of the coating and laminating industry. Coatema is a leader in complete production lines, pilot plants and laboratory equipment to meet the broad range of our customers’ requirements.

Thomas Kolbusch
+492133 9784 121


Offcode ARCOS is a high accuracy registration control system for the R2R systems. Offcode ADX family is a scalable IoT solution for industrial applications.

Antti Takaluoma
+358 400 599 588

DELO Industrial Adhesives

DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives with its headquarters in Windach near Munich, Germany, and subsidiaries in the USA, China, Singapore and Japan. In the fiscal year 2017 the company generated sales revenues of EUR 95 million; for 2018, Euro 126 million are expected. DELO employs 650 people and supplies customized special adhesives and associated technology for high-tech industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, optoelectronics and aviation. DELO’s customers include Bosch, Daimler, Huawei, Osram, Siemens and Sony.

Robert Boks


Sanmina makes some of the most complex and innovative optical, electronic and mechanical products in the world. Recognized as a technology leader, Sanmina provides end-to-end design, manufacturing and logistics solutions, delivering superior quality and support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) primarily in the communications networks, computing and storage, medical, defense and aerospace, industrial and semiconductor, multimedia, automotive and clean technology sectors.

Pekka Lamminpää


Verkotan provides antenna, OTA and SAR test services for the wireless industry. Our key services are accredited CE/FCC SAR measurements for electronics worn on the skin or on clothes and specialties like whole body SAR testing – first one in the Northern Europe. Our knowledge in wireless MIMO with the latest 4×4 mode and massive MIMO open the way to new antenna technologies like printable antennas. Our GNSS Air Performance Test (GAPT) is a unique service for wearable devices, such as smartwatches. GAPT test method measures device’s total performance including receiver, mechanics and antenna performance with the body effect and hand movement.

Kari Komonen
+358 40 5001241


Since 1999 IDTechEx has provided independent market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technology to clients in over 80 countries. Our clients use our insights to help make strategic business decisions and grow their organisations. IDTechEx has covered the printed, flexible and organic electronics industry since 2002 and runs the World’s largest evens on the topic in addition to providing comprehensive analysis of the industry.

Raghu Das
+44 (0) 1223 812300

Quad Industries

Quad Industries is a leading technology provider specialised in Printed Flexible Electronics. We create innovative user interfaces by supplying a wide range of touch and switch solutions, such as, capacitive touch, Haptic Touch, force sensing and membrane switches. We focus on creating smart surfaces that include the latest technologies in backlighting and haptic feedback. We are skilled in many application domains, from home appliances to industrial, medical, automotive and many more.

Arne Casteleyn
+32 (0)3 722 03 03

Plux Wireless Biosignals

PLUX creates innovative products for industry, clinicians and researchers, by developing advanced biosignals monitoring platforms that integrates wearable body sensors combined with wireless connectivity, algorithms and software applications.
Our BITalino-product is redefining biomedical education, research and prototyping, by making otherwise inaccessible tools available to everyone. It gathers a unique community, has the most complete offering of software tools in its segment, and it’s simple to use
(no electrical skills required)

Manuel Pacheco
+351 932220450

TC Printed technologies

TC Printed technologies works in the following priority areas:
– development of materials for printed electronics (conductive paste / ink based on silver, stretchable electrically conductive pastes);
– development of printed electronic components (printed antennas, printed sensors, etc.).
We have carried out numerous R&D in the field of functional pastes for various purposes and printing technologies. The accumulated experience enables us to create objects of intellectual property suitable for rapid start of production and launch of innovative products to the market.

Artem Smolin

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