Flexbright now well on its path to revolutionize the world of lighting

The global lighting market is steadily growing and currently worth over 60 billion euros, thus offering newcomers plenty of room to come up with truly unique solutions and direct the development towards more ecofriendly and versatile solutions. Flexbright from Finland is one of these companies that have set an ambitious target to lead the future lighting solution development.

Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials

The recent investment news by Flexbright and the Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials Centre of the Republic of Mordovia (NNCRM), which is part of the Russian-wide Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP Rusnano), is a clear indicator of the high targets this Finnish startup is able to reach with their ground-breaking LED foils in the near future. Flexbright received an important investment from this Russian organization and their active collaboration will intensify with the joint project to build a manufacturing line for these highly advanced LED foils to Oulu, Finland.

The innovative lighting product concept that has attracted international interest is the Flexbright’s ultra-thin LED light foils, which have been created with research and development co-operation with PrintoCent and the Technical Research Centre of Finland. This brilliant new solution is based on Roll-2-Roll mass production capacity, massive lighting power, IoT capabilities, low energy consumption and most importantly of all, an ultra-thin flexible construction that is less than one millimetre thick. This has been enabled by bonding in-organic LED chips on screen printed flexible substrates and further enhanced by integrating different kind of functional foil layers. The modern IoT capabilities require intelligence and communication functionalities to be able to perform as intended. In this context sensing, tuning and communication functionalities can be added on flexible systems by utilizing hybrid integration. Here hybrid integration means that required photonic and electronic devices are bonded on printed bonding pads of the foil substrate to enable before mentioned IoT functionalities.

Only bounded by imagination, ultra-thin LED light foils can be applied nearly anywhere

The different use cases and application areas for this novel lighting system are close to infinite: from industrial to commercial as well as agricultural and domestic. Currently, Flexbright is working on several research driven collaboration projects, for instance, with an international interior decoration company from Finland to come up with paints and wallpapers that can utilize the highly flexible LED foil technology. Also on the decorative side, one eminent Finnish textile manufacturer is partnering with Flexbright on a Tekes project to find ways to embed LED foils into textiles such as curtains. The various needs are definitely there and Flexbright is eager to come up with innovative solutions to any need that will materialize in a scalable and international business.

Besides decorative usage, the LED foils can greatly benefit industrial and agricultural lighting needs. Today most large industrial factories, storage spaces etc are light with high energy consuming lights that are also, in most cases, cumbersome to upkeep, hence producing risks while getting dusty and flammable. Moreover, greenhouses are looking for more ecological and cost efficient solutions for lengthening the growth periods outside the summer months. Farmers are also eagerly waiting for lighting systems that make will their livelihood both safer for livestock and budget wise more affordable, as current systems have proven to be risky in terms of fire hazardousness as well as costly with power management.

Future literally looks bright for Flexbright

Hence, the future literally looks bright for Flexbright. Their core production method by using Roll-2-Roll printing is scalable and highly cost efficient, while also ensuring the superior quality when compared to bonded seams in more traditional manufacturing methods like etched copper laminates. The Flexbright LED foils are always transparent, with smoothly sleek surface and providing steady lighting even when bent. Other useful assets for Flexbright is the active collaboration they engage themselves with their sister company Neonelektro. This in turn brings them unparalleled know-how and application possibilities with illuminated advertising boards and signage products of which Neonelektro has over 40 years of experience. All in all, the Flexbright product offering and manufacturing capabilities favor global business models as the use cases are universal and the exceptional benefits of their LED foils are appreciated even with the most challenging environments.

Flexbright Ltd

Lentolantie 23
36220 Kangasala

Flexbright Ltd is a high-tech startup inventing, manufacturing and licensing new generation LED lighting solutions with printed manufacturing methods.

Established: 2013
Origin: Kangasala, Finland
CEO: Pekka Makkonen
Personnel: 2
Revenue: 50 k€ (forecast 2015)

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