Brilliant solutions from nano-scale manufacturing to rapid analysis

The global diagnostics industry is well on its path to transitioning from rigid traditional manufacturing to intelligent and flexible automated solutions. To facilitate this fast shift, Ginolis aspires to be one of the top global suppliers. The company’s innovative solutions are characterized by their small footprint, modularity and use of machine vision for quality assurance. Ginolis’ patented pump technology provides high precision non-contact dispensing all the way down to single nanolitres.
Today Ginolis produces novel solutions for the medical industry that has a well-known legacy of rigid bureaucracy and endless chains of regulation. It’s a well-known fact that “time is money” and Ginolis benefits greatly from their ability to manufacture quickly to markets that take notably long times to get product approvals. For a speedy market entry it’s a requisite to have an automated and easily scalable production line that uses the latest robots, methods, materials and components.

Assembly Automation

Ginolis’ innovative automation solutions enable high quality production within a small footprint and use machine vision for quality assurance. Standard automation platforms and easily integrated application specific modules greatly reduce lead time, while maintaining flexibility for the future. Gone are the days of one assembly line being restricted to one product. With machine vision guidance and Ginolis’ intelligent conveyor system, automation systems can assemble and process different products with minimal changeover time.

Dispensing & Printing

In addition to assembly, fluid dosage is another practical example of a production phase where robots clearly surpass human skills. Ginolis’ patented pump technology provides high precision non-contact dispensing down to single nano-liters. Ginolis’ dispensing solutions are suitable for on-the-fly spotting, array printing, coating and roll-to-roll dispensing applications.
Ginolis is very happy to be part of the active collaboration within PrintoCent and Hilla programs. The cooperation allows for access to the latest technologies and a fast track to local and global networks that help bring Oulu innovation to global markets.

Ginolis Ltd

Automaatiotie 1
90460 Oulunsalo
+358 40 565 1782

Primary focus on production and laboratory automation solutions and consumer instruments for medtech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Plus they develop customer specific disposable platform solutions
for high-volume applications.

Established: 2010
Origin: Oulu, Finland
CEO: Teijo Fabritius
Personnel: 80
Revenue: 8M€ (forecast 2015)

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