Goodwiller’s practical printed self-diagnostics to the masses.

The company Goodwiller Ltd was established as an answer to a very practical dilemma regarding blood alcohol level testing. The founding members of the company wanted to create a solution that is both handy and reliable, when making sure that the blood alcohol content is under a given legal limit. As it happens, the Goodwiller was able to come up with a such a solution with the help of combining biochemistry and printed intelligence.

The world’s first blood alcohol level measuring from saliva

Initially, the founding members met in 2012 at the Yritystakomo in Oulu and having complementary professional backgrounds from technical, biochemistry and business development fields it was quite natural for them to join forces and start the product creation together. The timing was also in their favour since pretty soon after setting the goal for the company, they were also welcomed to join the Product & Business Development training around printed intelligence by PrintoCent. This in turn guided them to the manufacturing method to build their solution based on printed intelligence.

Benefits of printed intelligence when mass manufacturing industrial products

The issue of cost efficiency is one of the key factors when considering the benefits of printed intelligence, which enables mass production in high volumes with lower costs. The method itself can be exploited with products like bio or electric sensors, other electronic components or even fully functional devices directly from the printing line. This is turn has opened vast opportunities for product and service creation. The truly novel idea by Goodwiller is a prime example of a mass market consumer product that can be safely printed. Moreover, the printing ensures that the demands for high quality product are met while maintaining an affordable price level, all this in favour of the consumer.

In the past years, Goodwiller has gained special expertise while exploiting these new technological advancements. They have also conducted University level research on the biochemical reactions in correlation to saliva’s alcohol level. The commercial outcome of this research and product creation gave birth to the first Goodwiller consumer product with bio sensitive test strips called Promilless. These printed test trips have proven to be extremely reliable and to make sure they’re always up to the task at hand, Goodwiller also designed a self-check feature to the test strip. This means that the test will automatically signal the user whether the test has been used before or stored incorrectly. When functioning properly the bio active test reveals with the utmost highest precision if the blood alcohol level of the test user is over or under 0.2‰.

To pursue health and wellbeing is in the DNA of Goodwiller and by bringing self-diagnostic products like the Promilless to the markets, they’re really succeeding in helping people to make responsible choices easily.

Product launch and sales

In the summer of 2016, Goodwiller started shipping their Promilless product to the supermarkets in North Finland. So far, the feedback from the customers has been overwhelming and happy: people do appreciate easy to use solutions that make their daily lives hassle-free. For instance, the summer’s music festivals and cottage weekends are much more fun when one doesn’t have to carry along cumbersome alcohol detectors, which require maintenance and upkeep.

The actual sales started after the product launch at the Prinse’16 event in June. So far the sales have been more like in a trial mode i.e. collecting feedback both from the consumers and shopkeepers to make sure that while the test works perfectly also the logistics comply. Promilless can also be bought from the company webstore, thus making the product easily accessible to anyone interested.

After the initial sales in Finland, the aim is to take the product also abroad. The current blood alcohol level being measured matches very well with the European standards, hence helping the distribution also in the Nordic Countries. Naturally, the test portfolio will be growing as the company grows.

Goodwiller Ltd

Uusikatu 23 A10
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With a clear aim to produce the best quick diagnostic products to consumer markets by utilizing printed intelligence technologies.

Established: 2013
Origin: Oulu, Finland
CEO: Petri Särkelä
Personnel: 5
Revenue: 0,05M€ (forecast 2016)

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