Iscent embosses nano- and micropatterns on paper or film surface

Their proprietary technology uses microscale and nanoscale techniques without any additional ink.

Business model

Iscent’s core business is to sell production lines, printing plates and production licenses including training to printing houses and converters. They also sell light scattering sheets and films to packaging manufacturers, converters and brand owners. Iscent has library of various designs to be provided and applied immediately, yet tailored designs can be created upon customer requests and specific needs.

Their strongest market presence is at the moment in Europe, USA and South Korea, and in the near future Russia seems very promising too. The most recent commercial success case was the big sale to Germany in the summer of 2018

Added value – safe plus environmentally friendly

Besides making packaged surfaces more attractive with easily visible optical effects, also authentication solutions can be created with hidden images including micro codes which can be read by magnifier. The production method itself is very sustainable since no additional material application needed in embossing process. Thus making it very environmental friendly while also safe for food and beverage packing. The basic idea being on the package surface modification is to use nano patterning with no additional coatings, inks, materials etc. As a result, their customers receive brand enhanced packaging solutions that can also be used to prevent counterfeiting in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Nowadays the importance of easily proving product authenticity is of becoming more and more crucial due to the increasing number of illegal copy product both on the internet as well as traditional trade.

Markets & Competition

The overall market for package surfaces is about 1000 Billion dollars annually. Iscent is the most advanced, when it comes to mass volumes.

The future will definitely bring more opportunities, as it is possible to apply the process also to solar cell foils to improve the efficiency. Moreover, LED lighting solutions can benefit from the technology greatly too. The waterproof and antimicrobic foils, imitating nature, gives an opportunity to many new use cases.Iscent is actively seeking new application fields and partners to utilize nano- and microembossing.

Iscent Oy
Huurretie 9
FI-33470 Ylöjärvi

Jaakko Raukola

+358 405 272 684



Company info:
Iscent Oy

Produces optical and functional effects without additional materials on selected substrates with roll-to-roll process.

Established: 2011 as a spin-off from VTT

Origin: Ylöjärvi, Finland. Now working closely with an Oulu based partner to produce embossing sleeves

CEO: Jaakko Raukola

Personnel: <5

Revenue: 900 K€ (forecast 2018)

Ownership: 80 % Private investors, 20 % Institutional Capitalists

Funding from

Printocent | VTT, Kaitoväylä 1, 90571 Oulu, Finland

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