Movesole perfects orthopedic advice with smart insoles

The overall market need for precise sport and health related injury recovery aids is beyond calculation, yet a cautious estimation would state the annual market in this field being 2 billion euros when the US and European markets are combined. It’s commonly known that the recommend treatment for a sport injury is to mobilize the impaired body part in a controlled manner with certain recommendations to apply pressure and increase mobility. Naturally, for the suffering patient it is understandably hard to determine what really is the ideal amount of exercise and how to monitor whether the recovery instructions are being followed correctly. Also the caretakers whether being doctors or physical therapeutics will find it impossible to carefully monitor the execution of their advice solely based on visual estimation. Therefore, a tool to give accurate data on the treatment performance is required for timely and correct recovery. This is where the Movesole smart insoles can literally change the direction of lower body treatment and help people to reach their recovery goals faster.

Recovery of lower-body injuries can now be notably speeded up and prevention of serious lifestyle disease consequences is easily accomplished

The Movesole solution is based on sensor equipped shoe insoles, which detect and monitor every taken step. The insole is carefully positioned with numerous printed pressure sensors to monitor which part of the foot is getting the impact and how the walking is actually proceeding. In practice, the way one is walking gives a surprisingly accurate indication on one’s current challenges plus can also predict future issues. The collected movement sensor data by the insoles is wirelessly transformed to a smartphone application, which is then displayed to both the user and medical advice team to be analyzed. Now the given advice to “apply x% pressure and increase mobility to a certain degree” can be verified. Besides being scientifically important it is also highly motivating to know whether the injury treatment is proceeding as planned and that one is not wasting time on incorrect exercises and very importantly not worsening the original injury with over stimulation, for instance.

As would be expected, the Movesole team is a mixture of the right expertise from medical, mobile and sensor technologies as well as business fields. At the moment their ingenious product doesn’t have any relevant competitors, since the Movesole solution is totally mobile and doesn’t require a fixed setup such as the sport clinics and hospitals facilitate. Moreover, the markets are not only for those that suffer from sport or strain related injuries also certain lifestyle diseases such as type two diabetes create feet related sensor needs. As it happens, with advanced diabetes neuropathy causes diminished sense in persons’ feet. With the lost of sense one might apply too much pressure on their feet thus causing laceration and wounds. In worst case scenarios these injuries in turn might lead into amputation, yet with the Movesole smart insoles the situation could be prevented escalating to such severe lengths. When used as a preventive tool, one suffering from diabetes can monitor the way they walk thus benefitting from the accurate sensing capabilities these insoles offer.

When building these highly useful insoles the sensors must be flexible and super thin. This is where printed electronics prove to be a superior choice. Naturally, the accuracy of these sensors must also be world class to be able to provide such detailed data that is required for accurate analysis. The company idea for Movesole smart insoles came upon at the very first PrintoCent InnoFest in June 2014 and is also the first company that this printed innovation competition has given birth to. Since then the company has taken a truly rapid take off being now funded and having pilot testing entities from both private and public health care sectors. The first patient case trials have now started and the overall interest globally has been very promising. Once again, Finland has proven to be an excellent development and testing ground for yet another great innovation.

MoveSole Oy

Torikatu 23 5 floor
90100 Oulu

Eero Kaikkonen
Tel. +358 (0)400 688263

Movesole Ltd is a new startup
focusing on smart insole development and production to provide accurate information to support varying
lower-body movement challenges
and injury recovery.

Established: 2014
Origin: Oulu
CEO: Eero Kaikkonen
Personnel: 8

Funding from

Printocent | VTT, Kaitoväylä 1, 90571 Oulu, Finland

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