New Cable Corporation turns the round world flat

The flat cable form creates a perfect combo with tremendous increase in efficiency and decrease in weight.

Besides countless innovations, PrintoCent InnoFest’s have given birth to several companies like New Cable Corporation,which has invested heavily in the past two years for product development and export sales of Shielded Flat Flexible Cables (SFFC).

The ground-breaking idea of the company is to produce flat and flexible cables with shielding. The structural change from round to flat cables is especially beneficial when it comes to weight, as the flat cables weigh approximately 60-70% less than the traditional round ones. The connectors of the cables are versatile and there is an incredible increase in the length options since the cable can have up to 600 meters of maximum length. With the New Cable Corporations patented SFFC connector for shielded flat flexible cables, the cable quality remains stable throughout the whole length of the cable and connectors without any additive noise. Furthermore, the power operating efficiency is much improved as the cables do not heat due to flat surface providing natural cooling. Bending of the cables is a unique and much appreciated feature of these flat cables and pre-formed bends can also be produced according to customer specifications.

Product range

New Cable Corporations products range from standard cables for any industrial purposes to fully customized cables. Currently, their biggest target groups are automotive and aviation industries including airplanes, helicopters and even drones, which all greatly benefit from the notable weight and space savings provided by flat cables. The company can also produce tailored cables with plenty of branding surface, connectors and installation systems. There are numerous integration options with embedded and protected antennas, sensors or other electronic components. As a result, tailored smart cables with embedded intelligence provide practically limitless use case opportunities.

Branding opportunities

Compared to traditional round cables, flat cables provide notably more surface area to display different brand elements like company logos or slogans, customer info, QR-codes and serial numbers. It also gives the opportunity to print guidelines or usage instructions or any functional markings to the surface, which might be of great help either with the actual usage or in manufacturing a product.


The process starts from the customer needs and creation of the specification. New Cable Corporation designs all OEM cables in co-operation with the graphic designers, EMC testing to ensure the shielding performance as well as material suppliers and the production unit. There are several substrate materials to choose from, for example PET and Polyimide.


Currently all their production lines are in Oulu, Finland and the production is outsourced to a subcontractor. New Cable Corporation has plans to open their own prototype line this year as the interest has been remarkable and this would benefit their product development and research work. Besides creating industrial solutions, the company has plans to enter the domestic electricity markets.

Environmentally friendly

These cables are designed to be light in order to save raw materials and to have a minimal carbon footprint throughout the whole life cycle of the product. Lighter products require less energy and materials to be produced and shipped, which is of great environmental importance over time, since the customers are globally located.

Please visit the company website for more information regarding their three main product categories:

New Cable Corporation

Kaitoväylä 1
FI-90590 Oulu

+358 50 525 7616

Produces unique flat cables that are notably thinner and much more versatile to use than the traditional round cables.

Established: 2016 (original idea from the PrintoCent InnoFest 2015)

Origin: Oulu, Finland
CEO: Tommi Rintala
Personnel: <5
Revenue: 100 K€ (forecast 2018)

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