Juho Paavola to support PrintoCent Business Development

To support our mission to boost Printed intelligence and electronics development, we announced last autumn the nomination of Satu Väinämö as the new PrintoCent director. Moreover, at the same time we had Juho Paavola starting as the Lead for Flexible electronics and photonics. Here’s how Juho describes his new role:

“At PrintoCent, I support members in business development and various technical issues. My background fits well to this industry, as the past 15 years I’ve been making printed electronics known to the world. I’m very eager to bring the different pieces of the value chains of printed electronics together to bridge them to boost the commercialization and industrialization. My personal goal is to create positive impact to everybody’s life via novel technologies. I’m very passionate about networking and coaching. I see that people centricity and “we” attitude will take us further.

In my role at VTT, Lead, Flexible electronics and photonics, I also do business development and technology scouting. I’m here to help our industry cluster to find new collaboration opportunities as well as to build our networks to smoothen the new business case creation.

Please do not hesitate to contact Juho, he’s filled with ideas and might have just the right toolset to help your business grow!

Juho Paavola
Lead, Flexible electronics and photonics
juho.paavola (@)vtt.fi
Phone +358 40 747 2336



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