Master’s degree in Engineering, Printed Intelligence

Printed intelligence is the field of technology that has become increasingly popular in the previous years. Several new companies manufacturing and utilizing both printed electronics applications and components have recently been established and the global demand for special expertise is high.

Printed intelligence is one of the fastest developing area in technology. In near future many new applications in the fields of electronics, health and medical technology as well as construction will utilize printed intelligence. With new technologies also new business opportunities emerge. This widens the career possibilities for the graduates of our Printed Intelligence programme.

The printed intelligence is widely used in different branches of industries e.g. health and medical industries and construction engineering. Printed intelligence can be found in sensors, quick diagnostics and smart garments in e-textiles.

Students will learn state-of-the-art developments and techniques used in printed intelligence. The graduates will have multidisciplinary skills to meet the needs of the companies especially in product development using the printed electronic manufacturing technologies.

The practical approach to the subject ensures that students will learn to solve real life problems. The Master thesis project focuses on pragmatic planning and implementation of development work for the company.

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