MoveSole 1st in Finland to productize smart insoles for mobile gait analysis and foot care

The Oulu based Movesole Ltd has exploited printed intelligence in their health technology product for highly efficient foot care by embedding several printed sensors within the insole structure. Their innovative smart insole measures the weight in different sections under a foot when walking plus gives a quick analysis on the overall gait. The product can be used for both treating foot and leg injuries as well as for preventive care.

The MoveSole smart insole gives detailed information about the pressure under a foot during walking while counting steps too. All the collected data can be easily used as a part of gait guidance to achieve best care results. The overall product package with six pairs of these smart insoles is called MoveSole Steplab and it also includes the analysis SW & application with an Android compatible device. The Steplab app is well equipped for real time quick analysis and the data unit can store up to two week’s training results in the memory. Key design principle for this foot therapy tool has been intuitive and easy to use mobile setting vrs the current laboratory settings with cumbersome cords and cables for short periodical analysis.

MoveSole StepLab was introduced for larger audiences at the Diabetes fair in Tampere 23-24.9.2016. The
venue was most fitting, since diabetic neuropathy is a common serious complication of diabetes. In practise, this might result in the numbness of extremities, which in turn can lead to severe ulcers. The treatment of these ulcers is critical to avoid serious infections or other life threatening conditions. For instance, only in Europe 500 000 amputations take place annually among people suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

Example use cases for MoveSole Steplab that is primarily targetted to be used by healthcare professionals:

  • Foot ulcer treatment/control at clinique
  • Foot ulcer home controlling purposes
  • Walking balance/max pressure measuring/controlling

When doing foot therapy, MoveSole Steplab can help both the healthcare professionals and their patients to ensure, that the ulcer treatment with offloading is really working. This product solution is especially helpful for those patients to whom it is critical to know about the varying under the foot pressure levels in each phase of the rehabilitation. In line with the piloting results, also the response from the Tampere fair visitors was most encouraging as the value in quick and precise foot analysis was realized both by health professionals and consumers.

More information:
Eero Kaikkonen, CEO
MoveSole Oy
+358 (0)400 688263

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