Oulu University of Applied Sciences was granted Horizon 2020 funding for Prinlab related research

How growing of insects can be enhanced with technology?

Excellent news, as the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) has received Horizon 2020 funding for technology enhanced insect growing and protein production with the CoRoSect-project.

The project is lead by the Maastricht University and the overall budget is about 8 M€. The project 18 participants, and Oamk is one of the seven project participants doing research and they contribute especially by applying and developing printed electronics. Oamk’s Prinlab-team at the Development Laboratory for Printed Intelligence has over a decade of experience with printed electronics and international projects.

This project is highly valued by Oamk and they see it as an important opening for the EU funded research projects with globally relevant themes, thus also enabling further participation in projects with a similar scope.

Oamk contact for this project is RDI Manager, D. Sc. (Tech) Manne Hannula, manne.hannula@oamk.fi, 050 430 9234



Original post by Oamk: https://www.oamk.fi/fi/oamk/



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