Outstanding offering at the Printed Intelligence Industry Seminar – PRINSE ’16

PrintoCent is organizing the 4th PRINSE’16 seminar this summer in June 7-8. The seminar will take place in Oulu, Finland and will be conveniently located closely to the PrintoCent Pilot Factories and the new 5G test environment at VTT, which will be available for visits.

This year the seminar focus will be on linking the consumer needs with Printed Intelligence Ecosystems. We’re delighted to have the PRINSE’16 at the core of Oulu’s Printed Superweek in June, as there will be other highly relevant events around printed intelligence and electronics also. The week will end with the 3rd annual PrintoCent InnoFest, which is an open innovation competition for anyone seeking to develop printed solutions.

The key topics in this year’s PRINSE are:

  1. Wearables
  2. Lighting
  3. Internet of Things
  4. Health / Point-of-care diagnostics.

We’ll be hosting a wide array of notable speakers from organizations and companies such as GE Healthcare, US Olympic Committee, IDTechEX, FlexBright, Ginolis, Movesole, TactoTek, Polyera, PolyPhotonix, PragmatIC, and more will be announced shortly. There will be altogether 20 renowned speakers leading us more closely to the end-user needs around Printed Intelligence.

The future expectations are high also on the industry partners’ side. Pekka Makkonen, CEO of FlexBright Ltd stated that the demand for their Ledfoil lighting systems has surpassed their wildest expectations and they are now speeding the ramp-up of cost- efficient mass manufacturing. By this autumn, he’s expecting to be better equipped to serve more efficiently their growing customer base in various sectors.

Besides speakers, the seminar will also host an interactive Innovation Market Place and Bazar with 30 industrial companies – including brilliant new start-ups – presenting their products and services, and 20 latest R&D demos.

Participants will have the chance to promote their business while initiating new collaborative development projects. To facilitate networking we’ll be hosting a targeted matchmaking service

If you’re interested in joining PRINSE, please contact Ms Soile Kemi, PrintoCent Coordinator: soile.kemi@vtt.fi, tel. +358 40 354 8890.

Please, take a look at the timetable from this link

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