PRINSE’18 in Oulu 31.1.-1.2.2018 – The 5th Printed Intelligence Industry Seminar organized by PrintoCent.


Manufacturing solutions for customer needs with the future vision.

PrintoCent has a quest to inspire, educate and create opportunities around printed intelligence and electronics. To do this, we invite together world experts and leading companies exploiting printed intelligence solutions. In 2018, the PRINSE event will host 100 companies and 300 participants around the world, while offering an excellent arena to learn the latest around printed intelligence and electronics. In addition to the high-class keynotes, there will also be an interactive Innovation Market Place and Bazaar with demos to facilitate efficient collaboration between different stakeholders.

The PrintoCent community is celebrating 10 years’ anniversary and PRINSE’18 will be looking closely into tomorrow’s needs. Nowadays, the number of industries utilizing printed and flexible hybrid electronics solutions is growing rapidly and PRINSE’18 showcases fields like automotive and health tech. Companies such as Jaguar, Fiat, Plastic Omnium, Pilkington Automotive, Kone, Nokia, Lego and ENI are exploring the structural electronics opportunities provided by Finland based companies like TactoTek, Flexbright, Nanocomp and Elcoflex,  and they all will be sharing their future visions at PRINSE’18.  Health and Wellness solutions pave the way to future digital healthcare. We have companies like GE Healthcare, Bittium Biosignals, MoveSole and Spektikor bringing products enabling care also at home environments. Moreover,  Goodwiller, Diagnostics for All, iStoc, Capitainer, Ginolis and Screentec are breaking barriers to disposable diagnostics products to mass screening of, for example, infection diseases.  All in all, PRINSE’18 will have over 50 leading companies showcasing their offering.

Besides ground breaking innovations, printed intelligence also means increased business and the latest estimation is that there will be well over 1.000 new industrial jobs around electronics production in Finland by 2020.  The possibilities are endless as structural electronics create products for Internet of Things, both automotive interior and exterior, windscreens, home appliances, shoe insoles, wearables and smart clothing to mention a few. Multidisciplinary skills and cooperative ways of working are needed, and this is where PrintoCent excels in supporting its Industry Cluster members.


More information about the event: PRINSE’18

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