PRINSE’20 held in Oulu 29.1.-31.1.2020 – The 6th Printed Intelligence Industry Seminar organized successfully by PrintoCent

PrintoCent community organized the world’s biggest theme week around printed intelligence. Main event of the week was PRINSE’20 seminar, which covered topics including eco-efficiency and sustainability, structural electronics, intelligent diagnostics and the emerging capacity growth in Roll-2-Roll manufacturing industry with over 60 industry speakers.

The PRINSE’20 event hosted 95 companies and 280 participants from 24 countries, hence providing an excellent arena to learn about the latest Brave New Way Products and capacity growth for value chains around printed intelligence and printed electronics.

All relevant fields around printed and hybrid solutions were covered and this year an especially interesting themes were eco-efficiency, sustainability and circulation such as Magway creating a zero emission delivery network, Pipelife’s water management to reduce the current 40% leakage in water networks due to aging infrastructure and TT-Gasket providing smarter gaskets for safer future. By reshaping electronics we can see a huge growth forecast for structural in-mold electronics (IME). As the trends favor light in weight, space-saving, design versatility and reducing number of parts, the current $5M IME industry is estimated to grow to $258M by 2024 and even to $1114M by 2029 according to IdTechEx’s keynote. Moreover, there were presentations covering printed organic photovoltaics to replace trillions of batteries with indoor light energy harvesting plus speeches on sustainable decorative packaging as well as lightweight printed electronics boosting energy efficiency of tomorrow’s vehicles. Numerous other themes were covered too in the 80 talks given, and we’ll be following closely the developments e.g. in disposable diagnostics that showed huge opportunities, as efficient mass screenings will be in crucial role in global health monitoring.

The PRINSE’20 speeches and showcases dealt in detail how capacity growth serves new applications and paves the way to increasing number of industries to utilize printed and flexible hybrid electronics solutions.

All notable industry players attended and, in addition to, keynote speakers from IBM, Nokia, Ynvisible and EC and, there were also vision keynotes from BioCenter/Univ. of Oulu, and Sensinite Oy/CERN. The overall offering was rated world class and attendees also appraised the business networking opportunities, trainings and company visits.

PrintoCent in Oulu with its international Industry Cluster is the most active global co-creation facilitator in the field. Next events include 12.3.2020 Printed Intelligence Pitching and 4.-5.6.2020 the 7th PrintoCent InnoFest to boost business around printed and hybrid solutions.



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