PrintoCent companies showcased at the Baden-Württemberg delegation visit to Oulu

Almost 70 person delegation from the third largest state in Germany, Baden-Württemberg visited Oulu last week.

The minister president Winfried Kretschmann led a notable delegation to Oulu 23.–25.9.2019. They had great interest especially in digitalization, health technologies and automotive industry and they got to meet about 20 companies during their visit to VTT, Nokia and Bittium. In response to their interests, PrintoCent was part of the program and they had the chance to familiarize themselves also with the latest printed intelligence and electronics innovations. 

PrintoCent industry cluster was represented by the following companies: Flexbright, Goodwiller, Movesole, New Cable Corporation, TactoTek and we also had special guest QuietOn. “Today our Printed Intelligence offering was a great match to visitors’ needs as the automotive and health technology industries are looking for innovative light, space saving and energy efficient solutions, in which we are the forerunners”, says Ilkka Kaisto, PrintoCent Director.

The delegation was led by the minister president Winfried Kretschmann and had representatives from business, government, universities and media. The Baden-Württemberg area is very advanced both technology and development wise in Germany and the regional collaboration with Oulu has a long history.


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