PrintoCent Design Handbook to expand printed electronics and diagnostics adaptation

March 19th, 2015: Oulu, Finland — After a decade of intensive studies and development efforts, Printed Electronics can now be cost efficiently produced in masses. Performance and lifetime of
printed components have steadily improved thus encouraging wide adaptation. Use cases can exploit flexible LED and OLED for large area illumination, OPV for energy harvesting from light, thin and flexible batteries and supercapacitors for energy storage, sensors for physical quantities and diagnostics tests to mention few.

PrintoCent community recently released a pioneering handbook that gives tools to rapid technology take off with numerous implementation examples and tangible advice on how to get the best out these brilliant components.

Industrialization and commercialization needs

PrintoCent community strongly leads the industrialization of Roll-to-Roll Printed Technologies and Hybrid Integration. The product design processes are still in early phases but the first steps towards the development of design flow have been taken. For wider commercialization the hybrid integration is needed. The printed components combined with hybrid integration, design case examples and process control methods are all showcased in this handbook.

Practical engineering viewpoint

The book offers wide range of competences to all value chains of new printed based future products. The handbook is meant for anyone working on technical product design, so that they can utilize printed electronics/intelligence in the next generation products.

The book will bridge the gap between theoretical research engineers and the actual design engineers developing commercial products. The key mission has been to encapsulate the possibilities of today into one comprehensive volume.


Mr. Ilkka Kaisto
Director, PrintoCent
+358 40 149 4006
Mr. Turo Piila
Chief editor of the handbook/Neficon Ltd
+358 40 069 5492

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