Recap of the successfull PrintoCent InnoFest 2017

The fourth official PrintoCent InnoFest took place in June 2017 at the Nallikari Restaurant by the sea. Similarly to previous years, we had 150 participants from numerous countries, which in turn resulted in 25 VIP Innovator teams consisting of researchers, students and representatives also from companies like NSG Group and Orion Diagnostica. Once again the teams were able to produce and refine novel ideas into solid innovations with the help of our Jury and 30 agile experts.

The next PrintoCent InnoFest will take place June 7-8th in 2018, again on the same awesome Nallikari venue in Oulu, Finland.

Please have a look at the videos showing the overall flow of the event, the winners of this year and all competing teams plus inspirational keynotes.

The honorable jury with Jaakko Lampela/Nordic Option, Edward Schneider/Spirit Ventures, Timo Tarvainen/Elcoflex and Daniel Tuori/Valve did a magnificent job evaluating all the business cases from 25 teams and selecting the winners! They also took the time to give valuable feedback for the teams, which was highly appreciated.

We were happy to announce the following winners of the PrintoCent InnoFest 2017 awards
Grand Prize – team ValiOn with Mikko Mäkinen & Juha Karjalainen.
Wildest Idea – team White Mango Light with Yi-Chiao Tien.
Industry Favourite – team WAVE with Veli Kouri & Kari Ylitalo

All teams and keynotes from the PrintoCent InnoFest 2017.

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