PrintoCent InnoFest boosting printed intelligence – more need based commercial solutions

The biggest open idea competition around printed intelligence, PrintoCent InnoFest was held for the 6thtime in Nallikari, Oulu 6-7.6.2019. PrintoCent organizes these international 2-day InnoFests to closely facilitate the development of totally new of printed solutions.

PrintoCent has a clear quest to inspire, educate and create opportunities around printed intelligence and electronics. To do this, we invited together world experts and leading companies exploiting printed intelligence solutions. InnoFest hosted the event for 135 people in 21 teams competing on their ideas, which were polished with the help of the best researchers (VTT, UO, OUAS & others) and company experts. The participants from 10 different countries varied from students, researchers to company representatives from several fields of business. In just 2 days, we got a quick view how well the various printed solutions fit to actual business cases.

“The overall quality of the teams was surprisingly high. We as a jury had a difficult task to evaluate different cases as the teams did such a splendid job regardless of their chosen field.” concluded one of the jury members, Markku Känsäkoski from Ginolis.

Winning team once again from the field of Health & Wellness

1st prize was awarded to the team ShenDia led by Florence Naillat. They came up with a brilliant idea how to utilize printed technologies and microfluidstics to create a lab in the pocket. This will help in testing STI using disposable diagnostics available for everybody as a home test kit. Thus making testing easier, more discreet and affordable. The wildest idea prize was received by team Bowfinger led by Harri Österman. They came up with a device that helps musicians to hold a bow correctly when playing a bowed instruments, such as a violin or cello.

Printed business is booming

Besides ground breaking innovations, printed intelligence also means increased business and the latest estimation is that there will be well over 1.000 new industrial jobs around electronics production in Finland by 2020.  The possibilities are endless as structural electronics create products for Internet of Things, both automotive interior and exterior, windscreens, home appliances, shoe insoles, wearables and smart clothing to mention a few. Multidisciplinary skills and cooperative ways of working are needed, and this is where PrintoCent excels in supporting its Industry Cluster members. The future looks bright as there are already well over 350 people working in this field and 100 doing research in the Oulu area and through the international PrintoCent Industry Cluster the global value chains for lead companies are being created and Finnish companies are part of the process.

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The first prize was awarded to team ShenDia led by Florence Naillat.

The wildest idea prize was received by team Bowfinger led by Harri Österman.

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