PrintoCent InnoFest winners got a ground breaking idea for food analysis

The world’s leading open idea competition around printed intelligence, PrintoCent InnoFest took place once again in Nallikari, Oulu 7-8.6.2018. PrintoCent organizes these international 2-day InnoFests to closely facilitate the development of totally new of printed solutions.

PrintoCent has a quest to inspire, educate and create opportunities around printed intelligence and electronics. To do this, we invited together world experts and leading companies exploiting printed intelligence solutions. The 5th PrintoCent InnoFest event hosted 146 people in 23 teams competing on their ideas, which were polished with the help of the best researchers (VTT, UO, OUAS & others) and company experts. The participants from 11 different countries varied from students, researchers to company representatives from several fields of business. In just 2 days, we got a quick view how well the printed solutions fit in various business cases.

“What’s remarkable this year that over half of the InnoFest participants came from companies. Besides, all the keynote speakers came from companies already selling and manufacturing their printed intelligence based products, showing that Printed Intelligence is moving from research laboratories to manufacturing scale up and step by step to mainstream business” sums Ilkka Kaisto, the father of PrintoCent InnoFest.

Winners got a ground breaking idea for food analysis

1st prize was awarded to the team Droplet Runners led by Beatriz Coelho. They came up with a solution how to measure vitamin intake or blood level with a portable diagnostic tool i.e, a digital device used for saliva analysis. This gives one an opportunity to analyze nutrient levels anywhere any time to manage one’s diet and create one’s own nutritional profile.

The Industry favourite award was given to team Clean & Safe Water led by Ville Rautiainen. Their idea was to provide a Safe to drink application with water sensor to detect arsenic or other poisonous ingredients from water.

And the Wildest Idea award to the team OptoKrypto led by Jukka-Tapani Mäkinen. Their idea is to provide autonomous and robotic cars a visual interface so that people could predict their intentions regarding whether they are actually stopping or turning etc. This form of embedded reality would also provide advertising opportunities.

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