Surprisingly popular training around Printed Electronics started in Oulu

Comprehensive Printed Electronics Training for research and product development i.e. PrintoGuru I will be held as a 9-month course in 26.9.2016 – 16.6.2017.

Growing personnel demand

There are more and more companies utilizing printed electronics around the Oulu region, hence there’s a growing demand for skilled experts in the field of printed technologies. In the future, most of the new electronic products will be more “printed inside”. This in turn will create new opportunities and business models. There are numerous business fields that will benefit from the printed production methods (i.e. automotive, health, diagnostics, electronics, construction) and they all need multidisciplinary talents for product development, design and manufacturing. To facilitate these needs there will be more courses and training available by the founding members of the PrintoCent community.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu have tailored a comprehensive course framework around printed electronics. This training is primarily targeted for all those who are currently unemployed or who are in the risk of becoming unemployed from the ICT sector in the near future. Moreover, also those having a university degree from chemistry and bio sciences were welcomed to apply for this training.

Huge success

There were well over 60 applicants for the 20 available course seats. The final number of applications came as a great surprise and forced the organizers to carry out a careful screening process. Due to the limited number of seats, there is an urgent need for PrintoGuru II.

The training will be carried out in numerous forms: lectures, remote studies, laboratory work, visits around PrintoCent Pilot Factory and practical training with an internship period in Oulu based companies. This in turn will hopefully lead to faster skill matches and employment. The students will also have an access to the PrinLab printed electronics laboratory at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, they’ll be given practical insight on all the materials, techniques and testing methods used for printing technologies and the training will also include a field trip to the Printed Electronics Europe 2017 conference in Berlin, Germany. More detailed information about the course content:

The training as a whole is built around the genuine company needs regarding product development. The students will be offered the latest research information available plus they’ll be given the PrintoCent Design Handbook to complete the course offering. The students will visit the PrintoCent Pilot Factory environment at the VTT and Oulu based universities. As a result, all the course participants will have a very good understanding on product creation while using printed electronics. Moreover, at the end of the course all of the students will have a granted seat at the 4th PrintoCent InnoFest in June 2017. With this opportunity to participate in this professionally guided innovation competition, they can either further develop their current project/idea at a company or can start ideation around a novel idea into actual innovation and business case.

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