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This 24-hour Printo$ampo workshop is all about how Printed Intelligence will change your company’s future.

Learn how printed intelligence revolutionizes your business.

Start: Monday 01 Oct at 12:00 with lunch
End: Tuesday 02 Oct at 12:00 with lunch

“Printo$ampo was a great event to learn about printed intelligence and the vast opportunities around it. Through developing a business case,
I was able to realize how it could impact our business

Juha Hannula, Technical Manager, Nokia Networks – participant at the 1st Printo$ampo

Starting point for Printo$ampo are the existing platforms, which will be used to showcase the vast opportunities of printed intelligence, see links/videos about:

We arrange this 24-hour Printo$ampo workshop together with business development professionals from other companies, the number of attendees is limited to 30 persons.

As a result, you will have a good understanding of how printed intelligence will impact your company.

More testimonials from the 1st Printo$ampo:

Printo$ampo-1 helped us to prepare for the next step in environmental arsenic and pH testing and sharing of crowdsourced measurement data. For sure, we will be in Printo$ampo-2 to develop these further” Ville Rautiainen, Co-founder & CEO, PHD Nordic Oy–platform provider at the 1stPrinto$ampo

“Printo$ampo-1brought us totally new application and inspired us to bring the improved graphical design & visual table to the Printo$ampo-2” Pekka Makkonen, Co-Founder&CEO,Flexbright Oy–platform provider at the 1st Printo$ampo

Participant fee: 200€ + VAT – includes all the meals, refreshments, transportations as well as the sauna evening on Oct 1st at the Nallikari Restaurant.





More information:

Mr. Ilkka Kaisto
Director, PrintoCent
+358 401 494 006

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