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W Nallikari Restaurant

To continue with the wide range of activities around boosting printed intelligence business, PrintoCent Community is hosting the fourth PrintoCent InnoFest in June 8-9 at the Nallikari restaurant in Oulu, Finland.

PrintoCent InnoFest will start a mammoth week of Oulu facilitated tech innovations as it will be followed by the most important 5G event in the world 5G Hackathon, which in turn is followed by the prestige telecommunications conference EuCNC 2017. So once again, Oulu will be the hot spot for most inspiring technological advances!

We welcome: Developers, designers, multidisciplinary innovators, startups, industry partners, brands, students, investors and media to learn more about printed intelligence and activities around PrintoCent.

To participate in the competition, you need to bring a marvelous idea and have a skilled team. To support the competitors, we’ll provide world class technical experts from VTT, Oulu based universities and Companies (PrintoCent Cluster) to guide you and to embrace the most potential aspects of your ideation. Moreover, if your team needs any fresh ideators, we’ll be happy to assign some student powers from the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences to strengthen your team composition.

The key is to have an open mind with a desire to come up with the most extraordinary ideas and solutions. From all the applications, the 25 teams will be selected on the basis of their idea: originality, feasibility & business potential.

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