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We have a quest to educate, inspire and create opportunities around printed intelligence. PrintoCent Community will host already the 7th open innovation event PrintoCent InnoFest in Oulu, Finland.

Event starts on Thursday 9.9.2021 at 9:30 and ends on Friday 10.9.2021 at 14:00. During the two days, the competing teams will have time to cultivate their ideas, present them to the jury and get valuable feedback, hear the most inspiring talks and company presentations, enjoy Finnish sauna ja seaside hot tub and we’ll end the event with an awesome award ceremony. The more detailed program can be found below on this page.

For additional you can download the most comprehensive PrintoCent Handbook for free via this link: www.printocent.net/handbook

PrintoCent InnoFest 2021 with a special focus on sustainability


We have always had a keen interest to produce material and energy efficient solutions. Now we would like to contribute to a world with less waste while improving the quality of life. Thus this year we challenge our innovators to go green i.e. think of solutions that will benefit from the frugal nature of printed solutions: while requiring less production resources also the end products are lighter, which makes them handy to ship and actually the entire product lifecycle becomes notably eco friendlier than with traditional manufacturing methods. The competition categories are the same as in previous years, yet this year we give extra points to teams that can incorporate sustainable elements to their solutions. Let’s be creative with green! 

We invite: Developers, designers, multidisciplinary innovators, startups, industry partners, brands, students, investors and media to learn more about printed intelligence and activities around PrintoCent. And while becoming more familiar with the printed opportunities we challenge you to ideate new solutions while exploiting printed intelligence and electronics.

To participate in the competition, you should have a novel idea and a skilled team. To support the competitors, we’ll provide world class technical experts from VTT, Oulu based universities, other research institutions and companies to guide you and to embrace the most potential aspects of your ideation. Moreover, if your team needs additional ideators, we’ll be happy to assign some fresh student powers from the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences to strengthen your team composition.

The key is to have an open mind with a desire to come up with the most splendid ideas and solutions. Event registrations is still open and from all the applications, the 20 teams will be selected on the basis of their idea: originality, feasibility & business potential.

Following the result proven InnoFest traditions, also this year’s event gives an opportunity for teams to compete for the 1st prize (1111 euros, technical support, business development and marketing support) and it offers a setting for selected companies to showcase their solutions.


Our motto is “Pay attention – ideas are around you” and PrintoCent InnoFest is especially looking to have innovative solutions in the following areas:

   Wellness & health (including sports, disposable diagnostics, wearables)

   Construction and interior design (sensors, lighting solutions etc)

   IOT – smart autonomous systems

   Commercials gadgets, packaging and point of sales (POS)

   Automotive and vehicles

     PLUS, there’s the Dark Horse open idea stream for something wild and unexpected –
all ideas will be evaluated and appreciated!



DAY 1 – Thursday 9.9.2021

9:30                Welcoming speech by Ilkka Kaisto/VTT & Satu Väinämö/VTT and the organizers.

Practicalities & quick introduction round of all the experts by Sari Päivärinta/SPP Concern.

Inspirational speech: From idea to business by Eero Kaikkonen/Movesole.

                         Team work starts!

11:30                Company presentations:  (3min)

12:00                L U N C H

12:45                Keynote

14:14                Brainboost & company presentations (3min) & demos

16:16                Team presentations (3min/team)

18:18                End of day 1 team work

18:19                Sauna & Palju at the Nallikari Restaurant

22:00               Bus transportation from Nallikari Restaurant to Scandic city Oulu


DAY 2 – Friday 10.9.2021

09:30                Rise and shine – 2nd day start by organisers

10:15                Teams upgrade presentations (1min/team)

11:00                Keynote

11:30                Announcing TOP5 Finalists

11:35                LUNCH

12:30                Final presentations of TOP5 Finalists (3min/team)

12:50                Speech & conclusions by PrintoCent

13:00                Award ceremony

      • First price 1111€: Immediate commercial potential (solid feet on the ground, towards mass production)
      • Wildest idea award – feet not on the ground
      • Industry Favorite award

13:30                Coffee & networking + the Jury and Experts are available for additional feedback

15:00                Closing


We are proud to announce that our honorable jury has the following members:

Mirko Brummer – Medtech and Rapid Diagnostics

Ashley Colley – Product Design

Petri Kalliokoski – Funding

Antti Tauriainen – Manufacturing of Printed Intelligence


Jury backgrounds and areas of special expertise:


Mr Mirko Brummer majored as a microbiologistfrom the University of Helsinki in 1997. He has worked in the R&D of Aidian Oy (former Orion Diagnostica Oy) for over 20 years. Mirko has focused on early stage developments and technology projects, one of them being the introduction of the isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology SIBA into the company. His team is constantly involved in new technology evaluations and developments with a special focus on human Point-Of-Care (POC) testing. Mirko has also gained substantial expertise relating to patents and other immaterial rights and oversees the patent portfolio of Aidian as it’s Patent Counsel.



Mr Ashley Colley has more than 25 years professional industry experience, including e.g. 10 years at Nokia as a Principal Designer, where he led teams that developed the core of more than 50 million shipped devices. Colley is a co-founder of the successful health tech startup Oura Health (www.ouraring.com) and is the inventor of more than 30 patents/patent applications. In his research career, Dr. Colley is a Docent at the University of Lapland, focusing on the domain of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Colley has published more than 100 peer reviewed scientific articles and is currently project manager for the €7M EU H2020 project DecoChrom (www.decochrom.com), exploring potential applications for electrochromic technology.



Mr Petri Kalliokoski is an entrepreneur and technology investor. He is the owner and CEO of highmetal.fi, a scale-up company in food technology, mechanical engineering and advanced automation. Mr. Kalliokoski is a Chairman in several fast growing tech companies, e.g. ukko.fi and mcare.fi. He also serves as a Chairman of Innovestor.fi, which has a portfolio of 90+ startups in tech and health & life science domains. Prior to Petri’s entrepreneurship career, he was acting as a deputy CEO of VTT Technical Research Centre, one of the largest research institutes in Europe (www.vtt.fi).



Mr Antti Tauriainen, MSc (Industrial Engineering and Management), CEO is a multitalented expert in the fields of International Business, Project management, Marketing, Electronics and Medical Measurements.  He’s currently the Managing Director for ScreentecOy. He has a proven track record in both public and private financing, with several millions accumulated funding for Screentec to support company’s current growth strategy especially for:
•Investments for long term manufacturing capabilities to Mass Manufacturing
•Technology development -manual sheet manufacturing to Automated Roll to Roll manufacturing
•Customer driven process development in context of Quality, Capabilities and Technologies
•Marketing and new customer acquisition–International markets – Medical and Wearables



Special rates are available at Scandic Oulu City hotel until 25 August 2021 or according to the hotel’s availability.

EUR 123/single room/night

EUR 143/double room/night

Including organic breakfast and free Wi-Fi.


Scandic Oulu City Hotel
Saaristonkatu 4, Oulu


Phone +358 8 5431 000 or oulucity@scandichotels.com

Please use reservation code BPRI080921, when booking your room.


PrintoCent provides bus transportation from the city centre to Nallikari and back as follows

  • Thursday September 9th, 2021 at 9.00 from hotel Scandic to restaurant Nallikari
  • Thursday September 9th, 2021 at 22.00 from restaurant Nallikari to hotel Scandic
  • Friday September 10th, 2021 at 9.00 from hotel Scandic to restaurant Nallikari



Restaurant Nallikari
Nallikarinranta 15, 90510 Oulu
Restaurant Nallikari webpage

With any questions, please contact:

Eero Kaikkonen, PrintoCent InnoFest Organizer & Host  eero.kaikkonen@movesole.com tel. +358 40 0688 263

Jukka Jaatinen, Director of PrintoCent  jukka.jaatinen@vtt.fi tel +358 400 688 914

Soile Kemi, PrintoCent Coordinator  soile.kemi@vtt.fi  tel. +358 40 354 8890


Please note, we reserve the right to possible changes. The registration has now closed. There is no event fee, yet participants need to cover their own travel and accommodation costs, see the accommodation info below on a hotel with an agreed discount.

COVID-19 information

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