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Business in Printed Intelligence is taking off and already impacts many industries. It’s high time to learn about the wide opportunities of Printed Intelligence from industry pioneers and tomorrow’s leaders. Gain valuable insights into why Printed Intelligence technologies are the key ingredients to next generation products. Smarter products and smarter production in a changing world.

This summer, for the first time ever, PrintoCent brings you an eye-opening 6 part webinar series on Printed Intelligence. Brought to you in collaboration with Ynvisible, we are organizing 3 insightful live webinar sessions in June and 3 more in September. Members of the PrintoCent Industry Cluster will showcase a wide range of business applications and discuss where business is headed with Printed Intelligence. This is your chance to connect directly with the experts. The sessions are free, but hurry! Each live webinar session is limited to 500 participants.

Warm welcome to our third session, on Thursday June 25th at 4:00 PM (Finnish time) /03:00 PM (CET) / 9:00 AM (EST)

Session 3: Structural Electronics – embedded intelligence around You


PrintoCent has been boosting commercialization of Printed Intelligence and Electronics for over 10 years. Today, Printed Electronics Systems, Structural Electronics in glass, plastics and laminates, and Rapid Diagnostics are spreading to a wide range of end applications in automotive, interior design, premium consumer goods, packaging, health and wellness – to name a few. Besides this, totally new application are emerging in in areas such as fresh water, gasket and radiation monitoring, where companies are finding solutions to realize autonomous IoT systems combined with wireless communication.

Session 3 “Structural Electronics – embedded intelligence around you” looks at how Printed Intelligence is playing an increasing role as intelligent solutions are incorporated into a wide range of end products and in ways previously not possible. Geely brings an end user perspective to this webinar. It has been actively urging and indicating the need for new products and design approaches for the automotive industry. Several PrintoCent member companies are already delivering structural electronics solutions for automotive, home appliances, health and construction. In this session we hear about the solutions offered by TactoTek, Surforma, Koite Health and Canatu, and how they, despite their differing backgrounds, have built long standing connections into the PrintoCent network.



  • Andreas Friedrich, Geely: Opportunities and challenges with printed electronics in automotive
  • Antti Keränen, Tactotek: Structural mlectronics – Gaining market acceptance
  • Claudia Costa, Sonae Industria de Revestimentos: Surforma tech brings structural electronics in laminates
  • Juha Rantala, Koite Health: How structural electronics enable photodynamic therapy for consumer market
  • Ilkka Varjos, Canatu: Structural heaters for automotive

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To further educate, inspire and show opportunities, PrintoCent has compiled a comprehensive handbook (262 pages, 50 writers). It’s free to download at www.printocent.net

Save the dates for the PrintoCent Webinar series:

Session 1: June 04th on PrintoCent – Boosting the Industrialization and Commercialization of Printed Intelligence – https://youtu.be/0p2kVADx0WU
Session 2: June 16th on Health & Medical Everywhere with You – rapid diagnostics, smart patches, wearables – https://youtu.be/BmE4kIDdmW8
Session 3: June 25th on Structural Electronics – embedded intelligence around You –  https://youtu.be/h0vtfdiniVc 
Session 4: Sept 10th on Printed Intelligence for a Safe, Secure & Sustainable World NO RECORDING AVAILABLE – SORRY!
Session 5: Sept 22nd on Trillion Sensors https://youtu.be/vK6IC7GBbLM
Session 6: Sept 29th on Investing in Printed Intelligence https://youtu.be/EtugeR-yRdU



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