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Business based on Printed Intelligence is taking off in many industries. The previous PrintoCent Webinar Series 2020 introduced us to industry pioneers and tomorrow’s leaders, and offered insights on the far reaching opportunities of Printed Intelligence and the new products they enable. The key enablers of these new products are progressing fast: machinery and quality assurance, functional materials as well as design and manufacturing services offering. How can you get started and where can you find the partners to realize your idea?

The PrintoCent Webinar Series 2021 kicks off the new year by digging deeper and presents companies enabling this whole new branch of industry with their machinery, design, prototyping, quality assurance, functional materials, contract manufacturing and tech transfer services. Learn about latest research results and exciting startup and growth companies in the field.

With seven webinar sessions in January-March 2021 the PrintoCent Community will showcase a wide range of products, processes and materials, which will enable a new way of thinking about smarter next gen products and how to realize them. This is your chance to connect directly with the experts. The sessions are free, but hurry! Each live webinar session is limited to 500 participants.

Welcome to the second session of our second webinar series, on Tuesday January 26th at 09:00 AM (CET)

Session 2 on Printed Intelligence Breaks Through with Advanced Manufacturing


PrintoCent – an international cluster of 40 companies – has been boosting commercialization of Printed Intelligence and Electronics for over 10 years and PrintoCent members have brought many ground-breaking printed, hybrid and integrated solutions to the market. Today, Printed Electronics Systems, Structural Electronics in glass, plastics and laminates, and Rapid Diagnostics are spreading to a wide range of end applications in automotive, interior design, premium consumer goods, packaging, health and wellness – to name a few. Besides this, completely new applications are emerging in areas such as fresh water, gasket and radiation monitoring, where companies are finding solutions to realize autonomous IoT systems combined with wireless communication.

The emerging Printed Intelligence sector offers competitive advantages through a wide range of advanced manufacturing processes. Advanced manufacture that enables whole new classes of smart products for the digital age. Advanced manufacture that utilizes digitalization and real time in-line monitoring to ensure the reliability of products, and more stable and higher yields of production.

This webinar session addresses hot topics in bringing flexible and printed electronics manufacturing to the markets. Gain insights into the state of the art in manufacturing of Roll-to-Roll printed and hybrid electronics products. Learn how digitalization and optical measurements bring real-time visibility and profitability into this exciting field of advanced manufacturing.


  • Thomas Kolbush, Coatema – Upscaling Roll-to-Roll into digital fabrication …
  • Samuli Siitonen, Nanocomp – Roll-to-roll UV imprinting technology for polymer film micro-optics
  • Tuomas Happonen, VTT – Functional testing and reliability of Roll-to-Roll printed and hybrid electronics
  • Antti Takaluoma, Offcode – Obtaining required registration accuracy in Roll-to-Roll manufacturing processes
  • Heimo Keränen, LMI – Fast 3D topography measurements for Printed Intelligence


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To further educate, inspire and show opportunities, PrintoCent has compiled a comprehensive handbook (262 pages, 50 writers). It’s free to download at www.printocent.net, already over 500 persons have downloaded it!

All the dates for the PrintoCent Webinar series:

Session 1: January 19th on Printed Intelligence Fast Forward – https://youtu.be/IDYb-HsiuMs

Session 2: January 26th on Printed Intelligence Breaks Through with Advanced Manufacturing – https://youtu.be/DFhZqoBvFX8

Session 3: February 2nd on Substrates, Coatings & Inks the Key Enablers of Intelligent Products – https://youtu.be/j1KXwhPEzBw 

Session 4: February 16th on EU-Decochrom Interactive Printed Graphics – https://youtu.be/5c4Byf5e3Yw

Session 5: February 23rd on New Horizons for Antennas – https://youtu.be/od_VgzDK-30

Session 6: March 9th on Future Rapid Diagnostics – https://youtu.be/YGGLbhyNTdM

Session 7: March 16th on Success Stories from EU-Smartees – https://youtu.be/uH-Sy-W8b3E

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