Time to apply for the Master’s degree in Engineering (MEng), Printed Intelligence program

In the Master’s Degree Programme the student will familiarize oneself with designing and applying of printed intelligence. The printed technology is utilized in more and more fields, such as construction, automotive and healthcare technologies. Printed intelligence is used e.g. in sensors, rapid diagnostics, control panels and smart clothes. 

Studies are mostly carried out online, with only one intensive period when contact teaching is organized at Linnanmaa campus in Oulu.

The application period is open 5-19.1.2022


The Master’s Degree in Printed Intelligence offers unlimited opportunities

Késia Ranta, a student in the Printed Intelligence programme, describes her studies as being suitably challenging and interesting. In the future, Késia would like to do research in printed intelligence.

Please, read Kèsia’s story HERE and the more detailed Master’s program info from Oulu University of Applied Sciences web via this LINK
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