To boost business around Printed Intelligence 2nd PrintoCent InnoFest jointly with the Midnight Pitch Fest

May 27th, 2015: Oulu, Finland —Awesome, yet intriguing! — The second annual PrintoCent InnoFest will offer the best set-up for innovators from a great variety of disciplines. It will form the innovation stream of the startup event Midnight Pitch Fest 2015. This international 2-day start-up festival will bring together both start-up and more established companies, investors, innovators, speakers and students. These event take place at the Oulu City Theatre, Oulu, Finland June 11-12.

Midnight Pitch Fest is currently signing in investors like Nestholma, Invesdor, Koppicatch and Vertical Accelerator. Last year’s event totaled over 70 investors, 80 pitching startups and well over 2000 visitors. The success of Midnight Pitch Fests events gave also birth to the MPF pre-event i.e. Polar Bear Pitching, which has gained tremendous global interest due to the ice cool pitching spirit Oulu has.

PrintoCent InnoFest

During the two days 11-12.6.2015 the 30 competing teams will have the chance to tune their original idea into a great innovation around printed intelligence. There’ll be the best technical and topic experts to guide the teams on their journey to turn any potential and viable printed intelligence idea into a business worthy case. Besides enormous talent on technical side, the event will attract potential business partners, investors, media and large audiences to interact with. This structured innovation competition will surely bring out the best of the best, in all fields – do join us!

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For more information, please contact:
Mr. Ilkka Kaisto
Director, PrintoCent
Tel. +358 40 149 4006

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