We have the 1st graduate on our Master’s degree program

Congratulations Joan – our first graduate!

Oulu University of Applied Sciences has a Master’s Degree Programme for students to familiarise themselves with designing and application of printed intelligence.

The printed technology is utilized in more and more fields, such as construction, automotive and healthcare technologies. Printed intelligence can be used in sensors, rapid diagnostics, control panels and smart clothes.

We now have the first graduate from these studies, so let’s congratulate Joan Itohan Uwe! It took her less than a year to complete all the studies and she now has the Master’s degree in Engineering (MEng), Printed Intelligence.

Joan was delighted that she was able to complete her studies even remotely as the COVID-19 pandemic created numerous challenges when travelling to Oulu. Her first degree is in Civil Engineering, yet she got interested in printed technologies while doing her master’s thesis in Welfare Technology topic i.e. looking to design a sensor equipped Smart schedule bracelet for helping children with autism. She has been especially interested in mobile assisted diagnostics for the health sector and thanks to the recent PrintoCent webinar series, she found the expert company iStoc in this field and they’ve already collaborated on the topic.

After almost a decade in Finland, Joan is very optimistic about her future, especially with her continuous educational path. Currently, Joan is looking to pursue her career in the field of printed intelligent, on health tech, rapid diagnosis and has started her own company exporting these technologies. She originally comes from Nigeria and has excellent connections there.



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