What’s up with last year’s InnoFest winner – The Warming Surfaces Company?

Last year’s InnoFest winning team, Warming Surfaces, aims to reduce heating energy consumption in buildings by embedding smart heaters into interior surfaces (e.g. floor laminates) and furnishings, and making the control of warming as easy and nearly as fast as controlling lighting. The proposed solution allows the reduction of base heating in buildings by 5-10 celsius, and the digital warming surfaces provide warmth to the inhabitants when and where they need it, and at temperature levels adapted to individual preferences.

The team has nurtured the concept within VTT LaunchPad incubator program, and has now two patents granted and a proven industrial scale manufacturing process. First product prototypes have been produced with industrial partners. The Warming Surfaces Company is set to begin operations this autumn with seed stage financing from business angels and family funds. A first product launch is planned for spring 2023.

The market need for warming surfaces is immediate. At InnoFest’21 the team was responding to European Commission’s sustainability targets and need for 30 million buildings to be renovated for their heating by 2030. During the past year energy prices have shot up and the need for energy conservation and reducing reliance on fossil fuels has become even more pressing. As space heating accounts for more than 60% of energy consumption in buildings (over 80% in Finland), governments are advising that this winter temperatures in buildings are reduced. The Warming Surfaces Company looks to offer the solution that allows to do just that while at the same time increasing the comfort of living.

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