This book offers you broad view on technology research and product development solutions in one

practical volume.


Companies in PrintoCent community have opened up unique view to their printed intelligence technology
know how, thus giving you the tools to rapid technology take off. All this with production contacts,
implementation examples and tangible advice on how to get the best out of printed electronics.


Book is sold at for 120€.

Printocent - towards industrialization and commercialization


The main focus of PrintoCent activities is to create novel components, products and solutions enabled by
printed intelligence technologies. To support this, there is  a clear aim to form new companies with new
business models. Today 44 companies are members in PrintoCent Industrial Cluster.


PrintoCent provides a world class design, development and manufacturing  environment with special focus on
Roll-to-Roll (R2R) - and hybrid manufacturing, optical measurements and multiple applications ranging from
printed passive and active electronic components to microfluidic solutions, printed indicators and Point of Care
diagnostics. With the multitude of possibilities there are great opportunities to new type of products and to disrupt
existing value chains in all industries.


Currently, there are above 300 experts working in the PrintoCent community, which comprises member companies,
start-ups/business cases in training/accelerator phase, universities and research institutes. The PrintoCent business development and pilot manufacturing center is located in Oulu, Finland. PrintoCent's project based operations are
jointly developed and implemented , the overall programme is coordinated by VTT. The PrintoCent 2013-2015
programme looks after Product Concepts for 100.000 pcs market trials and builds corresponding industrial value
chains. Come and visit us!



PrintoCent proudly presents new book of printed electronics & diagnostic products.

PrintoCent VTT Kaitoväylä 1. PL 1100, 90571 Oulu, Finland,