PrintoCent Innovation Center commercializes the research results of Printed Intelligence and Optical Measurements. PrintoCent has wide global reach with its international member companies and partners.


The awarded innovation environment – PrintoCent Pilot Factory - for Printed Intelligence research and manufacturing is located in Oulu, Finland, at the founding member sites at VTT, Oulu University and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. PrintoCent has a special focus on Roll-to-Roll (R2R) and hybrid manufacturing and optical measurements for quality assurance. Application focus areas range from rapid disposable diagnostics,  smart flexible lighting, wearable products to Internet of Things with sensors and energy harvesting.

World class design, development and manufacturing  environment for Printed Intelligence

PrintoCent Founding Members

PrintoCent  |  VTT  |  Kaitoväylä 1  | 90571 Oulu  |  Finland